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    August 26, 2010
    11:00 - 12:00pm EDT  

right now the cleanup of a fiery accident continues in prince george county. come monday morning your ride to work on the metro rail will be more expensive. and new rules may catch smart trip users by surprise. and renewed hope on wall street after a positive weekly jobs report. news 4 midday starts right now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison this morning. we begin this morning with the deadly accident. police say a single car crash ended in fire and the death of one person. police found a body inside a burning car on martin luther king junior highway near rout 50 this morning. here's a look from chopper 4.
martin luther king highway has been shut down since 8:00 this morning. the fire was so severe police have not been able to identify the gender of the victim. police are investigating what caused that car to go out of control. jerry edwards has the latest on that part of the story. jerry? >> good morning, everyone. good news is traffic on route 50 is not affected by this terrible accident. westbound route 704 king highway at the interchange of route 50 remains closed. that investigation could go on for another couple of hours. let's see how we are doing. lots of road work today. they're getting in some sunshine. northbound and southbound right at eastern avenue at the yands district line. the construction will affect your commute in both directions for the next couple of hours. let's head on over if you're headed for downtown. 395 on the 14th street bridge.
a change in configuration. far left lane you must exit the parkway. delays will begin. we'll keep you updated. for many of you the morning commute is about the to get more expensive. metro is implementing the morning peak of the peak surcharge next week. that will affect tens of thousands of people who take metro to work every day. megan has more. >> reporter: back on august 3rd when the peak of peak surcharge took effect it was only for folks who road metro in the evenings. that is about to change. it's now going to start affecting folks during the morning rush hour. there are other changes ahead for folks who use smart trip cars. metro riders who travel during the brunt of the evening rush hour have been paying a peak of the peak surcharge for several weeks. now those traveling in the morning will have to pay for,
too. starting monday, those traveling between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. will have to pay an extra 20 cents. many riders aren't too happy. >> we can accept that. but can you give us some better service? >> i feel that metro, their service has went down, but yet they're going up on sub way fares and bus fares. i have to get back and forth to work. it doesn't hurt that bad, but i don't think it's right. >> reporter: and there are changes for smart trip card users, too. beginning some time in the fall riders have to have the full fare on their card in order to exit the station. no more going into the red and making up the difference later. currently riders who don't have enough money can exit the
station. when the rider adds money to the cart, what is yoeed is subtracted from the new balance. some time in the fall that policy is going to change. and the price of smart trip cars will also be changing. they'll get cheaper going from $5 to $2.5 there's no concrete time line. metro says the changes will take place some time in the fa fall. >> smart trip users who don't have enough money to pay their fare can boost their balance at the exit fare machine. however, they will have to pay in cash. today montgomery county leaders will be promoting pedestrian safety. one major initiative is the installation of two new speed cameras in silver spring. that's in the 1200 block of new hampshire avenue. they will announce the new cameras officially later this afternoon. according to police. that area has had a history of serious accidents.
let's look outside now. we have the latest on the forecast. no complaints, tom. i like it. >> wonderful pattern setting up this week. and for those visiting washington on vacation, welcome. we've had wonderful weather for you to visit all the the museums and sights. for those of you thinking of outdoor recreation, kayaking, hiking, biking, tennis, wonderful weather for that. there's the live view from the camera looking west where we had a weak cool front come through. it did produce a few sprinkles in northern blue ridge. but as it came into our area it came in dry. at this time we do have one little shower just outside of the beltway drifting south an r and east. elsewhere, no prescription. temperatures have climbed to
around 80 degrees. and it's not very humid. near 80 in montgomery county. in arlington county, upper 70s in fair fax county and points west. west virginia in the 50s this morning. they have a blustery wind behind the front. temperatures on the eastern shore, a beautiful morning there at the beaches. and a weak front coming through where you see areas of blue. we have just a few sprinkles coming in through the mountains. and at this time we have just a few clouds coming through. just a very small chance of a shower popping up. we'll have terrific weather for tomorrow, into the weekend, and next week. details on that coming up in a few minutes. aaron? back in the news now. the former head of nasa is now closer to his home in northern virginia. that's after surviving the plane crash that killed former senator
ted stevens and three others. sean o'keefe was critically injured. his family says he's making good progress in the critical care unit. investigators looking into the plane crash say an emergency locator beacon broke away from the plane on impact. that may explain why it wasn't detected. rescue crews didn't know the plane went down for several hours after the crash. an accused serial killer suspected of stabbing people in our area is now going to michigan. he'll be flown there today. he could appear in a flint courtroom as early as today as well. he's expected in a string of stabbings and hammer attacks nationwide. those attacks left five people dead. none of them however in virginia. meanwhile, there are reports he may also be a suspect in
indianapolis. family and friends are remembering a fairfax teen who was electrocuted. a vigil was held last night. he was killed on tuesday night after being shocked by a high tension power line. he was about to start his senior year at fairfax high school. he was only 17 years old. prince william county schools will not hire new teachers for now. they wanted to hire 180 new workers. they stopped the measure because they hadn't seen the money or approved the proposal. they passed a $249 million spending bill. your time is 11:08. glenn beck is holding a rally at the lincoln memorial. the coming up, why it's draws criticism, protests and questions about his intentions. also coming up, after two negative housing report this is week, we look at the health of the local housing market and our
economy. >> sit down! i'm not a dude! >> and baltimore police come down hard on an
it has been a dismal economic week. there are more signs the recovery is stalling. new home sales fell to the
slowest pace in 50 years, even as interest rates are at the lowest point. this region is fairing much better than most of the kuch. country. >> well, aaron, you won't find a lot of new construction hout there. washington, though, remains one of the healthiest housing markets in the country. not so elsewhere. new home sales and existing home sales are both down. >> consumers unemployed orb in debt are staying in their homes longer. the past month has been the worth record on home sales. they fell to the lowest level in 15 years. builders were forced to compete with foreclosed properties. sales slowed shortly after the first time home buyer credit ended in april. unemployment remains near double digits. job growth in the private sector is slowing. >> consumers have to get jobs
back. it's as simple as that. >> but a bright spot. it appears home prices have stabilized even though prices remain low and sales are slow. the washington region still has one of the healthiest housing markets in the country. the sixth largest year-over-year gain in prices on the 25 largest metro areas. according to the national association of realtors, washington home prices are up 4%. spending on big ticket items like cars are also down. looking ahead, it could be a tough 2011. there may not be much of a change unless unemployment turns around. aaron, back to you. >> we'll keep hoping. back to you. now to decision 2010. republican senator lisa murkowski is trailing. thousands of absentee ballots
still need to be counted. she was supported by sarah palin. the man who ran 2004 bush's campaign said he's gay. he made the personal announcement in a magazine interview with the "atlantic." he chose to make it noun because he wants to be become an advocate for gay marriage. president obama will also be talking to millions of children around the country from the -- actually, the president will address the nation from the oval office next tuesday as he marks the end of combat operations in iraq. after seven years, american troops started the massive pullout earlier this month. when the president speaks, iraq security will be back in the leaders of that country. four days of bombings killed at least 50 in more than a dozen cities. now the president will also talk to a million children across the country returning to school. the white house says the vacationing president will deliver the speech some time on
september 14th. it says president wants to speak directly to students as they resume their studies and wants to encourage them to study hard. last year president obama delivered the speech from arlington, virginia. fox news personality glenn beck insists his planned rally at the lincoln memorial this weekend is not about politics. hundreds of thousands of people, including former alaska governor sarah palin is expected to attend the restoring honor rally this sunday. beck says the event is to pay tribute to america's military personnel. he's telling those in attendance not to bring political signs with them. this event has drawn criticism because it takes place on the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. a competing rally is also planned for saturday. tom is back with us for a look at the weather. tom? >> we have great weather for all the outdoor activities in washington and around the region. whether it be preseason football friday night, the skins and
jets, or baseball at national park or just having fun anywhere around the region. we have a wonderful weather pattern that is setting up here and beginning right now, actually. we've had a weak cool front come through in the last hour or so. just a few clouds came through the metro area right now ask partly cloudy. that's the live view from our sky watcher camera. northwest washington in the foreground. off in the distance is arlington and fairfax county. right now 81 at national airport. where the august rainfall total now is about 2.6 inches. that's just a little bit above average. and it looks like we're going to finish august dry with no more rain. right now looking at the radar we did have one shower there in prince georgia county. that's now since dissipated. further south and east around
southern maryland, chesapeake bay, temperatures around 80 degrees. bay water in the upper 70s. it's beginning to cool gown a little bit. things have finally cooled down a bit. now west and north, montgomery county near 80. so is arlington and fairfax county. further west, the higher elevations along the blue ridge getting a blustery northwest wind right now. in the valley, the dupts down in the 50s northwest of washington. that's very dry. it's only at 61 in washington. a little bit more humid around the bay. still not sweltering humidity. temperatures delightful on the eastern shore near 80 degrees as well as the atlantic beaches the. atlantic water temperatures in the low 70s now. by the way, atlantic beaches could get a little bit rough by the time we get into saturday and sunday. as hurricane danielle will be passing east of bermuda by sunday. and by sunday into monday we
could get quite a bit of heavy surf on the atlantic seaboard from the storm. it's going to be passing well east of the united states. and over the last 12 hours we've had a general clearing coming in from the midwest where there's an enormous area of high pressure that is centered over the northern great lakes right now. you can see there is sunshine throughout most of this entire region. this is in a huge area of dry, high pressure moving in and going forward over the next 48 hours. high pressure will come down in the ohio valley by monday morning. and during the day on friday it will drift over pennsylvania, it will be near us and giving us a dry pattern and a cool start tomorrow morning, only in the 50s. then the high will be holding steady throughout much of the eastern part of the country for the next several days all the way into next week. this afternoon, partly cloudy. a small chance of a shower for southern maryland and perhaps around the lower bay and into central virginia. that's a very small chance. then overnight tonight it will be partly cloudy, mostly clear.
the full moon will be up and jupiter shining brightly in the southern sky. and temperatures near 70. upper 50s by dawn tomorrow. a school start to friday. tomorrow afternoon making it into the low 80s with low humidity and lots of sunshine. over the weekend, warm and dry. low humidity. cool again saturday morning. only in the upper 50s. afternoon highs in the mid-80s with lots of sunshine. great beach and pool weather. on sunday morning in the low 60s. upper 80s to near 90 with lots of sun again. the low humidity still in lace as we get into next week. may feel hotter on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. not totally will be accompanied by low humidity. that's the way it looks. i'll will back in a few minutes with another update. >> who needs a jacket in august? >> right? >> we like it. thanks. now let's get a check on midday traffic. let me guess, busy?
>> a little bit, yes. a couple of things to warn folks about. accidents in both directions to and from the capitol. dump truck in the work zone drawing a lot of attention in the beltway around tyson corner. on the inner loop, the right lane is taken away. so both directions very heavy and very slow traffic at this hour on the beltway in virginia. let's see how we're doing elsewhere. if you're going to be traveling, oh, they're moving the camera. watching route 50 traffic towards the bay bridge. coming over, we're beginning to bog down just a little bit. no hangups. not too bad. aaron? >> thought we would swing around a little bit. still ahead on news 4 midday. years after a police officer confronted a skateboarder who called him dude, action is taken against the officer. plus, progress being made on the
newest -- in the area. when and where it will open. and 8th street in the district. why it's becoming a new hot spot. first, though, here's a look at what's hot on "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
remember the baltimore police officer caught on tape berating a 14-year-old skateboarder. >> sit down! i'm not a dude! >> well, he's not a dude, and he's not a cop anymore, either. baltimore's police commissioner fired him three years after this notorious video surfaced. the commissioner didn't agree with that, though. he overruled the recommendation. the union representing baltimore's police officer is condemning that decision. . don't expect to see donovan mcnab playing again until the regular season. he will definitely miss friday night's preseason game against the jets because of a sprained ankle. and head coach shannahan says he finally won't play in the final game against the cardinals. the team insists the injury isn't serious. he mocked albert haynesworth whence he was asked about his
ankle. >> what have they told you? >> they told me it was just a sprain. i'm just rehabbing and getting it better. >> recollection grossman will start at kwb for the redskins tomorrow night. coming up in the next half hour of news 4 midday, he has become world famous for an interview he gave about the attempted rape of his sister. how he is now using that fame to help his family. plus the result of a surprising new set of research involving drinking and driving and why it's prompting transportation officials to crack down on offenders ahead of labor day. five years after hurricane katrina, we'll revisit a survivor who made her way to the washington area. stay with us.
police say a single car crash ended in flames. police found a body inside the burning car on martin luther king jr. highway near route 50 in springdale. police have not been able to identify the gender of the victim because the fire was so intense. a suspected serial stabber is being flown to michigan today. he is suspected in a string of stabbings and hammer attacks nationwide. those attacks left five people dead. none of them in virginia,
however. meanwhile, there's reports he may also be a suspect in an attack in indianapolis. one of the h hottest songs on the planet doesn't feature a hip hop star on even a musician. it's a man from alabama. he was interviewed by a local tv station after someone tried to attack his sister. his colorful outburst has become an internet sensation and a smash hit on itunes. >> it began out of a local news story. >> we have a rapist. >> reporter: but 24-year-old antoine's rant at his sister's rapist is now a sensation. since being posted online last month, millions have viewed his no holds bar interview. >> you are really dumb. for real. >> later set to music, creating one of the most watched online videos ever.
the music video has been viewed more than 16 million times online and the song is at 35 on itunes chart. ahead of lady gaga. >> we did not expect this to happen the way it did. >> brooklyn based musician the gregory brothers created the song. >> he had all this energy and musicality. >> the music had catapulted johnson to web super stardom. >> who in their right mind they they can come up to snb else's house. >> he now has a personal website and is selling t-shirts with his catch phrases. despite their popularity, many argue his online videos aren't fun as all as they perpetuate stereotypes of african-americans and make light of a serious crime. >> it was a sad beginning, but it's a good ending.
>> we didn't want to be famous and celebrities for something that happened so serious to somebody close to us. >> if he was not a beneficiary of what was happening, i think it would be a travesty. we would be laughing at someone of limited means, laughing at crime victims, and laughing at someone who isn't like us. >> still, he says he'll use it to move his entire family some place safer. >> i hate that it happened this way, but a lot of good has came out. >> turning a bad situation into something to sing about. for today, nbc news, los angeles. >> and police still haven't caught the person who tried to rape his sister. tiger woods is finally talking publicly about his divorce. he broke liz silence yesterday. the same day "people" magazine came out with an interview with
his now ex-wife elin. tiger calls this a sad time in his life. he's also taking the blame for everything that happened. >> my actions certainly led us to this decision. and i certainly made a lot of errors in my life. it's something i'm going to have to live with. >> tiger also admits golf has become secondary in his life with his focus being on his kids now. he hasn't won a tournament all year. tom is back with another look at the forecast. >> just a few clouds coming in here as we approach the noon hour. just past 11:30 in the morning. we had a weak cool front in the hetero area. right now, just a few clouds coming through. temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. it's 81 in washington over the last 12 hours. the front produced a few sprinkles out of the mountain and briefly around the northern blue ridge. about 20 minutes about in prince georgia county. we'll have increasing sunshine by later this afternoon.
highs in the mid 80s. mostly clear tomorrow night. tomorrow morning in the upper 50s. a terrific weekend to follow. we'll be in the 50s on saturday morning. we should be warming up in the middle part of the afternoon on friday. both days with low humidity. great beach and pool weather. outdoor recreation fun weather. as we get into next week as well, terrific weather. temperatures climbing to around 90 or so. a little bit above average for late august. as we say good-bye to august and hello to september, it will be ending on a dry note. we'll start off september dry as well. morning lows in the 60s. that is the way it looks at this hour. >> looks good. >> let's see how traffic is moving at this point in the morning. >> good morning to you. this is the overturned dump
truck we told you about. it's out of the roadway but creating quite the spectacle. the dump truck rolled over to its side. they are trying to figure out how to get that out of here before the afternoon rush hour. heads up. hopefully by later on today you'll have that taken care of. otherwise a real night for the afternoon commute. let's head over and see how we're doing. a little backed up here on 395. the 14th street bridge. for the midday. the far left lane must exit to the gw parkway. you cannot continue. you have a couple lanes to the right to get by. >> we are celebrating the final days of summer. police are out in force cracking down on drump driving. drunk drivers are most often men. tracy potts is on capitol hill
with surprising details. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> reporter: the government reports 17 million drunk drivers a year, often with deadly result. this nun was killed by a suspected druk driver three weeks ago. >> we have to do more to close the gap between believing that drunk driving is a threat and actively doing something about i it. >> there's no way to hide it. >> reporter: the national traffic highway safety administration spending $13 million on ads and teaming up with 11,000 police agencies for labor day. >> drunk driving, over the limit, under arrest. >> in the government ice new survey one in five admit hitting the roads just two hours after drinking. a quarter of drunk drivers report drinking three times a week or more. her father was one of them. >> he was an alcoholic, but he
wasn't a bad person. he was a really good dad. >> the survey found one in ten people hopped in a car with a drunk driver in the past year. >> we eliminated drunk drivers on the highways and had 100% seat belt usage. we would cut the amount of fatalities by one-half. >> almost a third of those questions said they saw check points in the past year. from washington, i'm tracy potts, nbc news. >> drunk drivers beware. like the commercial says if you're over the limit you're under arrest. a new two-week crackdown is under way across the country. westbound interstate 66 will be shutdown overnight at the dulles connector road. crews will build support beams. the roads should reopen for rushhour tomorrow morning.
you can also expect major delays this weekend. two lanes shut down between 495 and nutley street. a prince william countytarian pcount county teenager puts his life on the line to try to save another. it happened saturday in virginia. 19-year-old heard the man pounding from inside, frantic to get out. chris told us he doesn't consider himself a hero. >> >> if he was in there any longer he wouldn't have made it. if he was in there for 30 seconds he would have been done. >> he was on his way to his girlfriend's house. the driver of the hummer is expected to survive. five years ago hurricane katrina made his first landfall in the united states, roaring through florida before turning for the gulf coast. craig melvin revisits a woman who made an impression on many
of us after arriving in the washington area. >> we first met her on the two-year anniversary of katrina. her recollection has staid with us. >> the people say come on down. come on down. i said, no. you're not bob barker. and this is not the price is right. >> reporter: today at 86 years young she's as funny and fiery and remembers that hurricane just as vividly. zblf it was disturbing. it was the only time i left home because i had to leave. i was willing to stay and help other people. they said, no, you have to get out of there. they took us to the superdome. it became overcrowded. from there my niece came down and got me. >> her niece thought staying here was best for her aunt
because she was getting older and didn't have much family to look after her in new orleans. >>. >> mil fred alfred with tears offered two things, the city she still misses. >> the best thing, red beans, no rice. red beans with mayonnaise in the them. >> and the thought of what may have happened had she not gone on down. >> then i would be talking to god. >> reporter: instead now the former writer and dancer spends a lot of her time on a different form of art, with each stroke, a tribute and a memory. >> it's usually when i do a painting or drawing i put the mardi colors, you know, purple, green, red. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4 today. >> she's only become back to new orleans once. she went back and said at least
in the seventh ward where she once lived things looked better than she thought they would. over the next several day there is will be many stories for people rescued and people who fled the city. tonight nbc nightly news with brian williams begins reporting from new orleans. still ahead on news4 midday. investors are reacting to jobless claim figures for the week. plus poetry in the park and the nice spots along 8th steet. we'll have the details in the week
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mcdonnell is trying to sell his plan to privatize the commonwealth liquor stores. he's been holding meeting across virginia, including one last night. the plan's oe poents fear the privatization could triple the amount of liquor stores in virginia and would not generate enough money to offset the sales lost. a grocery store chain is coming to prince george's county. they are set to open in october. that's east of exit 17a off beltway and landover road. he's hiring 600 new positions. they already have six locations in virginia. they plan to build one nor in alexandra and three more in maryland. new requests for unemployment benefits fell sharply last week. hampton pearson joins us with
more on that. >> with right now we have markets drifting in the negative territory. earlier they were cautiously positive after we started with new plans for unemployment benefits. we have the dow down 16 points. the nasdaq is off six. the s&p is down about a point. weekly jobless claims fell to 473,000. much lower than economists forecasted. it's the first drop in weekly claims in two months. the mortgage banker association says one out of ten american households is facing a foreclosure risk this summer. and the number of homeowners starting to have problems with their mortgages is on the rise after friending downward for the last year. if you can't afford to buy a home, mortgage rates dropped to a new low. the average for a 30-year fixed rate loan is 4.36%. the lowest since they began tracking rates in 1971. leners may also be willing to give car loans to people with sub par credit scores. a new study suggests that could
be a good sign for auto makers because it puts more customers in position to buy cars. last month they bought americredit. walmart is asking the u.s. supreme court to halt a massive sex diskrim nalt lawsuit. the suit allegations walmart s discriminated in pay and promotion. it could result in billions in damages. that's a look at business headlines. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. >> children born with medical challenges reach their potential much faster when they have the support of a loving family. they really need somebody in their corner. today's child needs someone in their corner. here's barbara harrison with
david's story. >> hi, david. what a handsome boy you are. we're going to have fun today. want to go to gymboree? >> welcome. >> he couldn't wait to get inside and get busy on all the wonderful gymboree equipment. >> you ready to play? >> yeah. who is that in there? who is in the mirror? yes. it's david. david has made a lot of progress since coming into foster care. >> david came into medical care because of medical neglect. look at that. want to go swimming? what's your name? >> david. >> those who work with david say his speaking skills have improved considerably.
>> i see david. >> and he enjoys interaction with others. you want the ball? >> yeah. >> where did it go? what color is the ball? >> red. >> yeah, let's find the red ball. david proved to be a pretty good basketball player. one, two, three. you're a good athlete. you're a really good athlete. >> david likes to tumble and read books. he likes to interact with the cats. he's learning to be gentle. >> reporter: david loves hering vicky and viva sing to him a family willing to make a lifetime commitment to david is what he needs to grow up feeling safe and loved. ♪ but you're under my umbrella
where you can be safe ♪ >> barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> a lot of energy. if you have a little room in your home and your heart for david or any other children, please call our adoption hot line. 1-888-2-adoptme. coming up, a look at one of d.c.'s hottest neighborhoods. plus we'll have another check on the forecast.
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the nation's capitol has a new resident. kermit is part of the smithsonian's collection. the original kermit and others created by jim hensen were donated yesterday. all were part of his first tv show. it was called "sam and friends." it was produced right here in the wrc studios back in the day. he created the show while he was a student at the the university of maryland. tyke to check out the weekend scene with lovania from
the "washington post." did i get it right? >> you got it. >> i'm new to d.c. i'm still learning the places to go and the places to be. we'll start with 8th street northeast. >> about five years ago if you drove down you would see beauty shops. maybe fast food places. in about 2006 we started to see a lot of bars open up. now the past year we're seeing it transform again. we're seeing a lot of new restaurants come through. we have a place that just opened call ethiopic. it's a fine, high dinining e ethiopian restaurant. you start seeing a lot more than just bar goers. >> wonderful. it will give us another option.
>> we're still doing poetry in the park, is that right? >> that's right. this is a last big hara of summer. they're all headed outdoors to the park tomorrow night. it's friday night. it's completely free. you don't need tickets. it's a great way for them to give back to the community. it's entirely free. no tickets required. >> nbc washington has been talking about d.c. beer week coming up. >> who knew? while we're at work people all across the city are tasting beers from across the country. one of the biggest is the rogue ale oyster fest. they're serving 3,000 oysters. and three guys to chuck them. it's all about the shows. you want to get there early. i heard last year it was really popular and the oysters went
fast. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> for more ideas, log onto around town or go to the going out guide on let's look at the stories for news 4 this afternoon. wendy joins us in the newsroom with a preview of what's to come. >> how are you? on this thursday afternoon at 4:00 as kids head back to school, an expert shows how to make their own school folders out of duct tape? yes, indeed. we'll take a look at that. coming up at 5:00. the tricks of the trade. from cleaning your flat screen tv to getting rid of the smell in your coffee thermos or lunchbox. see you at 4:00. >> a maryland company now owns the hawaiian home where president obama has vacationed for the last two christmases.
the beach front estate sold for a cool $6.9 million. it was purchased by paradise point estates. it's managed by a couple in maryland. the owners say they hope the president and his family will continue to visit the property. the house was listed for nearly $8 million. if you were planning beach going, might not be a bad time for it. we have one more look at the forecast. >> a wonderful weather pattern setting up. right now temperatures approaching the low 80s. we have a northwesterly breeze continuing to bring in lower humidity. that will be all the way to midweek from next week. it's moved through the retro area. did trigger a few sprinkles around the blue ridge and just south and east of washington. no prescription around the region. the rest of the day is partly cloudy with highs in the mid 80s
and becoming less humid throughout the rest of the day. and overnight tonight we'll have partly cloudy. clearing skies. just passed full moon will be up. jupiter shining brightly next to the moon. by dawn tomorrow it will be cool starting off friday morning in the upper 50s. friday should be mostly sunny. a delightful day. and getting a little hotter on saturday after a chilly start in the 50s. highs reaching the mid 80s with bright sun and low humidity. a great beach and pool day. not very humid. and a cool start on sunday morning. as we get to next week, temperatures climb to around 9 o or so. morning lows in the 60s with bright sunshine and low humidity. likely again on tuesday with highs near 90s and morning lows in the 60s.
it does not look very humid even in midweek. we'll have temperatures around 90 r o so. not a lot of humidity. so the heat will be easier to take. that's the way it looks right now. we'll see you tomorrow morning. well, fine wine may get better with age, but not necessarily with altitude. did you know wine tastes different on a plane? it's because your taste buds get tired and don't send a signal to the plane. airlines know this, too. hay choose their wine selection based on how it will taste mid flight. if you want to keep your taste buds awake longer, go for water. that is news 4 midday. i'll see you back here for daily connection at 2:00. catch news 4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00.
thanks for spending some time with us. have a good one.